Intuitive UI/UX
and Simple to Use

New to the world of cryptocurrencies? That is no problem at all.
Nuri Wallet is extremely easy to use as your main crypto wallet in NuriTopia’s ecosystem.
The user-friendliness of the wallet interface makes it easy to store, convert, send or receive your digital assets at any time.
The wallet supports multiple digital cryptocurrencies and provides real-time pricing.

Easy Accessibility &

Simply log in with your existing email or SNS credentials, and you are all set to enjoy Nuri Wallet’s services.
It provides the simplest yet a very secure way to connect to NuriTopia Platform and other blockchain-based applications.
It is one-stop service for the management of all your digital and NuriTopia in-game assets with real-time balance updates and full transaction histories.


Your wallet for all current and future services in NuriTopia’s ecosystem.
As the main storer for NBLU, the ecosystem’s native token,
NuriTopia Wallet is an effective conduit for the transfer of assets across all services provided within the ecosystem.
Starting with the “social dating” service, the wallet will expand as the ecosystem grows and connect to a multitude of services including Healthcare.
Additionally, NFT enthusiasts will be able to manage all their NFT assets in one place.

Store and transact digital assets across a
multitude of platforms

  • Manage
    asset balance

  • Trade
    your assets

  • Exchange

  • Full history

  • dApp

Fast Growing & Expansive Ecosystem

  • NuriTopia


  • Nuri Market

    Nuri Market(NFT Marketplace)

  • Nuri Swap

    Nuri Swap(Swap service)

  • Nuri Crew

    Nuri Crew(Referral Program Service)

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Nuri Wallet